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Guest Blog by Abi Moore Photography

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

How to relax when having your photo taken

It’s well known that showing your face on Instagram boosts your brand recognition, humanises your brand and increases engagement. But what if you hate having your photo taken?

Windsor-based brand photographer Abi Moore has shared her top tips for relaxing when having your photo taken and how to look your best.

Treat the camera as a friend If we hate the camera we tend to back away from it - this is often unflattering (it can give us a double chin) and also comes across as unfriendly. Instead of thinking of a camera, think of the person that will be viewing your images; smile and don’t back away. Try to picture a friendly client and how you would greet them.

Lean in Leaning in towards the camera is more engaging and friendly. It’s also flattering, usually tightening the skin on our neck making us seem slimmer or reducing the appearance of a double chin.

This is Josie from https://livetothrive.co.uk/ @livetothrive_ on Insta who Abi worked with to produce some lovely shots.

Make perspective work for you Another benefit of leaning into the camera is that it makes perspective work in our favour. Usually, our least favourite bits are around the middle… by leaning in, these are further away from the camera than our faces, thus they appear smaller. Remember this also works if you would like to flatter your arms, push your elbows back, away from the camera to help your arms look slimmer.

Practice makes perfect Abi recommends that you practice in front of the mirror. Yes, you’ll feel ridiculous, (so do it when no one else is around!), but you’ll learn your best angles and see what poses are flattering for you.

Fake it 'til you make it! Still can’t relax? If you feel like a rabbit frozen in the headlights and can’t find a natural smile, then try a little fake laugh. It can help relax you, and inevitably you’ll feel a bit silly, which will cause you to laugh at yourself, giving a more genuine smile.

If all else fails, Abi offers headshot packages from £85 and will ensure you feel completely relaxed in front of the camera; as she says “For a long time I hated having my photo taken (and I still do a little) so I know exactly how you feel! This helps me put myself in your shoes and help you relax during your photoshoot, giving you gorgeous natural photos as a result.”

For more info visit www.photographybyabimoore.com

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