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Welcome to Turtle Clips and Flips

Turtle Clips Windsor business

It's our pleasure to bring to you Turtle Clips and Flips,

a local Windsor business that we have been working with.

Started by the Cox family from Windsor after struggling to find summer footwear for their kids that didn't fall off or rub their toes. As adults we know that pain on a sunny day!!!

Whilst their initial aim was always to develop a flip flop that kids could run and jump in, the concept has now grown to encompass supporting the plight of sea turtle and their habitat which is why they are pledging 10% of the profits to ocean conservation projects. They are also visiting schools in the Berkshire area doing talks to raise awareness.

Normal flip flops often fall off and float to sea. That plastic ends up injuring and killing sea turtles, not to mention, polluting our oceans & our planet. The Turtle Clips back strap prevents that and also makes it easy for children to run and jump in flip flops. Their flip flop straps are totally recyclable and they hope one day the whole flip flop will be too.

Available in UK kids size 6 - junior 5 in 4 colours.

Straps are also sold separately to be attached to other flip flops.

Contact hello@turtleclips.com

Website https://www.turtleclips.com/

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