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My favourite Business tools

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

During the course of my working day I use several different tools that all make my life easier and I am always on the lookout for new ones!!

Using these tools makes me more productive and professional and I think I would struggle to live without them now. They help me produce work for Clients and myself, work securely, keep on track of what I need to do and communicate easily with Clients.

So, here are these magic tools! .


This is amazing and its free! Clients pay for my services by the hour or buy time packages and Toggl lets me track the time spent on tasks for each Client. It's very simple to use and you can download reports to send to Clients each month.


An excellent site for designing social media graphics, documents, flyers and so much more. They have a huge selection of templates, fonts and images in the free version and even more functionality in the paid version which is very affordable.


With this I can manage Client tasks easily. It is essentially a list maker. You can use it to set up a board for each Client which they can view and add tasks to for you to complete. It makes task management very simple.


I think this is an essential, whether just for you or to use with Clients. My Clients can share passwords and log in credentials with me securely. The great thing about it is that the passwords information is masked thus reducing the security risk.

For example when a Client gives access to their social media they dont actually give you the password they share it with you in LastPass and it is encrypted. You them log into the account through LastPass.


If you need documents to be signed this is a great tool to use.

It allows you to send contracts and confidential documents to be signed, and it automatically saves them to an e-filing system.


I am always sending emails, writing documents and social media posts. I have Grammarly to check for spelling mistakes and grammar, ensuring that work is professional and free from any errors.


I have found over the past year that video calling has become more essential to business as we can no longer meet new and potential Clients over a coffee, lunch or a glass of wine. I find Zoom easy to use, mainly glitch free and it records calls too.

Google Drive

This has plenty of tools including spreadsheets, presentations, form templates and much more. You can also share folders and documents with Clients easily that you can edit and update. I find this really useful for creating social media content and graphics and sharing for their approval. As its Cloud based you can access documents from multiple devices.

Facebook Business Suite

The easy, simple way to schedule posts to Instagram and Facebook.


Invoicing and accounting all in one place. When you are working for yourself it is vital to be organised. Here you can keep your receipts in order, easily see tax owed, log expenses and milage as well as create invoices.

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