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Our first Guest Blogger! Welcome to Wellness Windsor.

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Clare and Mariola set up Wellness Windsor in 2019 and have gained an amazing reputation in a short time. Here, Clare gives us an insight into what they can help you with and how to reach out to them.

You can also see just a couple of the reviews they have from their very happy Clients.

Please reach out to them if you are struggling especially in these current times.

They will be there on every step of your journey and help you achieve your goals

"The focus on Mental Health has never been so important as it is today in these strange and confusing times.

I’m so lucky to have the tools with RTT and Hypnotherapy to help people to lay to bed anxiety, PTSD, to shed unwanted weight, to be able finally to sleep well, quit drugs, anti depressants, alcohol and many other issues.

Lately I seem to be spending time with teens and children particularly suffering with anxiety, OCD, low self esteem, anger issues, those who have increasing pressure at school, with studies, friendships and relationships. It’s been such a joy and thrill to help them move forward, find peace, happiness or freedom from their issues.

We humans are a complex bunch, sometimes we need a little help getting through a tricky point in life or more regular uplifts.

This therapy is life changing and includes a custom recording, the whole session can be done online via Zoom or face to face taking extra precautions due to Covid -19.

For more information please go to our website or contact me via the info below.

Take buckets of care out there x"


Hypnotherapist and RTT Practitioner


We help you find that piece of the puzzle you need to understand.


I didn't know where to turn to and remembered I had seen a Facebook post for Wellness Windsor.It was such a relief to see they could possibly help with what I was suffering with. I was a little nervous to start with but Clare put me right at ease and after explaining the whole process and how it worked I felt a lot more comfortable and relaxed as the session started. What Clare helped me understand and realise about myself through hypnotherapy has been such an integral part in my journey of recovery. I just didn't understand why I was reacting the way I did and after one session with Clare I had a whole new perspective to my emotions, feelings and thoughts. It has helped me with clarity of mind and just to understand to be easy on myself. I feel I have some resources to help me through this tough time. I can't thank Wellness Windsor enough for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel.

“R” Surrey 2019

I first contacted Wellness Windsor in January 2020 and was introduced to Clare. I was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome after the loss of my wife . I was struggling coming to come to terms with my emotions and grief and needed help to move on ! Apart from a long conversation with Clare I only had one very long consultation at her clinic where I was semi hypnotised which was very relaxing. Clare recorded a personal message for me which I played under instruction for 21 days . After this period I feel much better coping with life and am much happier, sleeping better, enjoying life and moving on. Clare has such a calming voice and I am so grateful for what she has done for me . I would highly recommend the treatment that she can offer.

”P” Berkshire 2020

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