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Welcome to Serenity Lifestyle Concierge

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We work with Private Clients and Small Business taking the pressure off them. Our role in peoples lives is extremely diverse, from booking appointments, inputing receipts to Quick Books or researching a holiday, we can do it. No two days are the same in our life!

You can book us for a couple of hours to complete a task you've just not got around to or organise a regular slot. Our rates are affordable and you can choose an option to suit your needs - by the hour or purchase a package.

Serenity Lifestyle Concierge was born out of a love of organising and planning. After working within Private Households for 20 years and setting up a successful Nanny Agency I decided to use my skills to help people in other ways.

During the last few months peoples lives have changed dramatically. They have enjoyed the extra time with their families and been able to get organised. With a return to the office looming you may feel that your to do list will start growing again but, by outsourcing some tasks to us you can keep on top of this and relax.

Get in touch and see how we can help you.



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